Thursday, September 19, 2013


Miss Add has recently  encountered an obsession hand sanitizer.  I imagine that one of the kids in her school carries hand sanitizer around in their book bag in a cool little holder and Addie wanted to join in on the fad with her mates.  In the past few days that is all she has talked about.  I have learned all the different fragrances that it can come in as well as how the little holders light up when you press a button.  Last Sunday after church we were headed home when Addie started talking about her hand sanitizers again and I had had quite enough.  I told her I was tired of hearing about her hand sanitizers all day, every day.  Miss Add got quiet and I started talking to Cris about what I was going to do in the gym that night.  I told her what muscle group I was going to work out, what exercises I was going to do and how many sets and reps I was going to do to maximize my time in the gym.  Cris giggled and said that the gym was my hand sanitizer.  I didn't realize it until she said that, but I was (and still am) totally obsessed with the gym. 

 I just shook my head and told Addie to tell me all about her hand sanitizers... and she did... ALL. THE. WAY. HOME.

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