Friday, July 13, 2012

Fishin' with Miss Add

A little over 10 weeks ago Miss Add broke her leg riding a horse.  For most kids that is 10 summer weeks spent without swimming, running, jumping, dancing, or even sliding down a slide.
We couldn't take a chance on getting her cast wet so for Miss Add it meant 10 weeks not fishing.

She loves to fish as much as I do.  As soon as she got her cast off, her first request was that I take her fishing. We left the doctor's office, loaded up the truck and took off for the day.  Little did I know she would be the only one to catch a fish...more like 15!

There was a feller on a dock nearby attempting to catch bluegill for catfish bait later that night. He saw that we were tossing the fish back as she caught slayed them.  He asked that she put her fish in his basket so he could use them later.  She out fished both him and me that day.  She was taught a lesson in giving to others...he and I were taught a lesson in humility...


  1. Were you even TRYing? ;) That's awesome. Seriously too cute. Watching the video now, she's adorable and would totally get along w/my kiddo, who is an aspiring fisher-child, as well.

  2. That's awesome!! Oops!! Sorry... She was making up for lost time!! Oh yeah....LOVED the face!!!


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