Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Road Trip!

Okay, technically it's gonna be a plane trip, but anyway you get there, Cris and I are heading out of state for a few days.  We're dropping Miss Add off at Memaw's and Octavius to the kennel (Lord, I hope we don't mix that up!) and traveling to Type A Conference in Charlotte, NC.

Now Cris has been to these blog conferences before, but I have a feeling like I'm gonna be a fish out of least until I get to meet these awesome folks I read about online.  She comes back each time enlightened on how to enhance her blog to reach more people and gives me tips on how to keep my blog filled somewhat updated from time to time with content. Now I will get to learn first-hand how to do it myself.  I'm quite excited about it! AND I get to meet awesome folks like Tanis Miller from the Redneck Mommy and Charlie from How To Be A Dad.

I'm also pretty stoked to go on a 5 day date with my girl.  We've needed this little trip.  Kinda reminds me of our college romance in a way.  Spend all day in class and meeting up in between for a quick smootch, then spending the evenings together at parties dancing into the night.  The only difference is we'll shack up together in a hotel afterwards. *blush*  We didn't get to do THAT in college, she was a good girl, ya know...

I have a feeling that when we get back you'll see a whole new side to GOODe Ole Boy and probably GOODEness Gracious as well.  Heck, we might even get into something together...(Insert BIG HINT here)

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