Thursday, June 28, 2012

as Goode as it gets...

So I use this blog as a platform for my creativity.  Sometimes it's good creativity, sometimes it sucks.  Nonetheless I still use it to get it out of my head.  My wife, as most of you know, has a blog as well.  She uses it as a platform for, well...everything.  And it's all GOODe.

Since we are both creative souls we decided team up and create something together.  The last time we did that it worked out pretty spectacular...Miss Add came 9 months later...

Cris and I married our blogging efforts together and created  There you're gonna see a little bit of me, a little bit of her and a whole lot of fun.  Think of it as a He Said/She Said blog.  She'll present her side and I'll present my side, then you the reader will ultimately take my side since I'm righter than she is. Right?

We will be filling up with more content as we go along.  There will find weekly posts such as "The New Newlywed Game""3 Things",  and one of my favorite posts, "Caption This!"  We are sure you will enjoy our different takes on a topic and how similarly different we can be. (I'm really sure you're gonna take my side on everything.  I am righter, just sayin'!)

And yes, faithful reader, I promise that will still keep going.  And by faithful reader I mean you, Mom.  I know you're about the only one reading this and you wanna keep tabs on your little boy...and yes, I brushed my teeth this morning.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Back From Type A

We're finally back from Type A Conference that was held in Charlotte, NC. over the weekend.  I learned alot of things and came away better than worse form the whole experience. Now lemme just say before I go into a huge babble about the conference that I still have a ways to go before I am in the league some of these folks in the blogosphere.  There was a Comic Con going on next door and I can compare it to some bloggers being in a true-to-film Iron Man suit with all the lights and gadgets and stuff while I was more akin to being in a cardboard box costume colored in crayola red and yellow with a metal collander on my head...

While there I quickly found out that I was a minority.  I don't just mean being a junior blogger in the midst of creative writing royalty either.  I was a dude swimming in a sea of women...very powerful, successful, intelligent women.  Thankfully I have been married to one for 14 years now, so I have been well trained how to withhold my tongue and think before I speak.  Still it was pretty hard for a redneck with comedic wit not to make any "make me a sammich" and "I haven't seen this many dishwashers together since I was at Sears last week" jokes.  I knew it meant sudden death, from them and my wife.  And if by chance any of you gals from the conference are reading this and start to get all Gloria Steinem on me, I heard enough vajayjay jokes in 3 days to last me until the next conference...where I'm sure I will be easily spotted and shot on sight, being in the minority and all.

In all seriousness though, there should be more men attending conferences like this.  There are some amazing Dad Bloggers out there and their voices should be heard.  A big reason why I do this is to give voice to the fathers out there who work hard not just for their kids, but with their kids as well.  Some of them choose to stay at home with their kids, which is totally cool.  So many kids don't have a father they can look up to, and these dudes totally rock it in a different way.  Then there are the dads like me who put in a 40-70 hour work week, then come home to take over for mom who puts in more hours in a week than can be calculated.  You GO Daddy! go to and get a domain name for the blog you are about to write about your adventures in poppa-hood, then come to the next conference and make our numbers stronger!

I met so many awesome folks at Type A.  Here's a list of just a few who blew me away:

Cecily Kellogg <=== I will now be following everything this gal writes. Her opinions are strong and her stories even stronger.  She's a good mom with a great heart.  If the pen is mightier than the sword and she is a Jedi Master with her writin' skillz.

Rene Syler <===She gave the ending keynote speech.  She talked about how she went from being a successful CBS news anchor to battling breast cancer, losing her job and her huge comeback.

Anissa Mayhew <===This chick totally blew me away. One of the funniest people I will ever meet!  I have been invited to her attic since I'm not man enough for her garage.  That inside joke was not meant as a dirty double entendre, but I'm sure she would make it one anyways...

Tanis Miller <=== I've been a fan of hers for a while thanks to my wife.  We are now friends...and I don't just say that because Tanis hit me for calling her one of my heroes.  She hits like a Canadian girl by the way.  And by that I mean like one who has been trained to hit a guy in the shoulder hard enough to numb his toes...

And last but definitely not least, this dude:

Charlie Capen <=== He gave instruction on how to make your content go viral.  I have also been a fan of Charlie and his sidekick, Andy for a long time.  I would call him my hero, but I don't want to see if he hits like a Canadian girl...once is enough for me.  I will say this though.  He is a standout among dad bloggers and a stand up among all bloggers.  He and Andy are two very creative, hilarious and insightful writers out there on the internets.

One of the best things I take back with me from this conference is that when you blog you are giving life to your voice.  It is, in essence, a work of art.  Some choose to create their art just to get it out of their heads while others sell their art to make a living.  Neither choice is wrong.  The wrong choice, in my opinion, is not to embrace your art.

I don't mean everybody should get on the interwebs and blog (really, you should try it though) but do what you enjoy.  Grab a paintbrush, write a song, make something out of clay (totally just heard Unchained Melody in my head for some reason).  Whatever you do, get it out of you.  You might be like me and have 4 or 5 people that enjoy your work (thanks to my wife, mother and myself for being 3 of the 4 or 5) or you may end up making a living from what you do.

Who knows unless you try.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Road Trip!

Okay, technically it's gonna be a plane trip, but anyway you get there, Cris and I are heading out of state for a few days.  We're dropping Miss Add off at Memaw's and Octavius to the kennel (Lord, I hope we don't mix that up!) and traveling to Type A Conference in Charlotte, NC.

Now Cris has been to these blog conferences before, but I have a feeling like I'm gonna be a fish out of least until I get to meet these awesome folks I read about online.  She comes back each time enlightened on how to enhance her blog to reach more people and gives me tips on how to keep my blog filled somewhat updated from time to time with content. Now I will get to learn first-hand how to do it myself.  I'm quite excited about it! AND I get to meet awesome folks like Tanis Miller from the Redneck Mommy and Charlie from How To Be A Dad.

I'm also pretty stoked to go on a 5 day date with my girl.  We've needed this little trip.  Kinda reminds me of our college romance in a way.  Spend all day in class and meeting up in between for a quick smootch, then spending the evenings together at parties dancing into the night.  The only difference is we'll shack up together in a hotel afterwards. *blush*  We didn't get to do THAT in college, she was a good girl, ya know...

I have a feeling that when we get back you'll see a whole new side to GOODe Ole Boy and probably GOODEness Gracious as well.  Heck, we might even get into something together...(Insert BIG HINT here)
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