Monday, December 12, 2011

Bad Kitty

The other day Miss Add got a package in the mail from her Uncle Tim and Aunt Kyle.  Uncle Tim is a big time lawman and knows how to investigate things.  He was able to deduce that my kid is big time into Hello Kitty...I bet he asked grandma.  She was way too excited (Miss Add, not Grandma) and Mommy and I couldn't wait to see her open her package.

Inside she discovered a Hello Kitty bubble bath decanter.

Complete with little outfits and effervescent soaps that turn the bath pretty colors.
I haven't seen my kid so excited to take a bath. Ever.

The next night it was my turn to give Miss Add her bath.  I drew the water, got it to the right temperature, stripped my kid down until the only thing she was wearing was a spaghetti sauce stain on her forehead. (She gets into her bahsketti, as she calls it).  Then she handed me her well dressed kitty.  

I go to pop the head off since nothing says fun bathtime like decapitating a cat in order to squeeze the soap out of her.  I tugged and tugged, but the darn head wouldn't come off.  The harder I tried more the kid was cheering me on as well as giving her input on how hard I had to pull.  I wasn't paying attention to her exact location when I finally gave a giant yank on Hello Kitty's noggin and the sucker flew right off...smack dab into my kid's nose.  

Of course the tears and wailing ensued.  All I heard for the next five minutes was "Daddy, you hit me id da dose!!!"  As the tears streamed down her face my own started to well up.  I do everything I can to protect my child, I couldn't imagine ever purposely hurting her.  I felt like an uber schmuck...and I now hate that cat...  

Needless to say, I told her how sorry I was and she was all better when she saw the fizzy soap bubbling in the water.  That being said, she still got to watch two movies before she had to go to sleep as well as getting to eat and drink whatever she wanted.  Nothing says parental apology like spoiling your kid. 

As for Hello Kitty, it may just have to remain headless to avoid future injuries...


  1. What does the Hello Kitty decanter do because i saw it in the store the other day but I wasn't sure hat it was.

  2. The body of the Kitty is a bottle of bubble bath soap. You have to pop her enormous head off to get to the cap...these are the kinds of things that can scar a child...literally! LOL!


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