Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back Waxin'

I used to have hair on my head.  A thick, flowing batch of locks that I would groom proudly.  When I hit my mid-twenties, that lush mane of mine turned into a thinning crop.  That's why I chose bald over balding.

The problem is that as I removed the hair from my head, more would grow in other places, i.e. my shoulders, back...and that little place right above the cheeks...

Yup, my butt has had a mullet...

I took an online poll and many of my "friends" said to get rid of it.  My wife agreed and even helped in the process.  I didn't realize she would take so much sport in it...enjoy.


  1. Oh my that looked like it hurt!! LOL. Thanks for making me laugh out loud so early this morning.

  2. That is funny!!! Thanks for the laugh!!

  3. Thanks for making me literally hee-haw outloud! You are a real sport to let her do that....any plans to keep it that way? ;)

  4. I love how Cris has this HUGE grin on her face the whole time! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  5. As for keeping it that way...absolutely not. If it grows back thicker and wilder, then I will comb it proudly...combs don't hurt!!!

  6. This was too funny...we watched it 3 times in my office this morning and laughed louder each time. :)


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