Wednesday, September 7, 2011

She's Growing Up

Today we dropped Miss Add off at her first day of preschool.  You should have seen her excitement in the weeks leading to today.  I don't think a day has gone by she hasn't reminded us that she was going to school.  This morning was no exception...

Around 6 a.m. she comes running into our room reminding us that she was going to school today.  The alarm was set for 8 mind you...

For the next two hours Cris and I tried to sleep, but it proved difficult when we were getting reminders from Addie every half hour.  Finally the alarm went off and I rolled over to see Miss Add wide eyed and the biggest grin on her face.  "I'm going to school today, Daddy!" she said.

I made my way downstairs and started a pot of coffee.  Cris told me to get Add's teeth brushed and she would get her clothes ready.  Addie bolted into her bathroom while I was still pouring water into the coffee maker.  By the time I hit the button, Add was in the kitchen grinning ear to ear.  "Sorry Daddy, I brushed my own teeth."  This being the same kid that hates to brush her teeth.

We arrived at her preschool a little early.  She was fidgeting the whole time we waited.  She just couldn't wait to see her friends that she hadn't even met yet.  We walked in and all the other parents were there with their kids.  Everyone of them, including us, were taking pictures and giving words of encouragement to our kids.  Then it happened...

Her classroom door opened and her teacher walked out to welcome her new students.  Addie headed for the door, then turned around and ran back to me and gave me a hug.  I knelt down, kissed the top of her head and whispered "I'm proud of you."  Then I proceeded to bawl like a baby in front of all the other parents.  I couldn't get out of there fast enough.  I even walked in front of some poor mother filming her kid walking through her classroom door.  Now some lady has the random sighting of a blubbering bald guy crying "I'm sorry!" on tape.  I must find this mother and destroy the evidence.

This makes me wonder how I'm going to handle the other big events of her life.  As I watched her grow up right before my tear filled eyes her future flashed in front of me.  What am I going to do when some boy breaks her heart?  What about her first prom or her first day of college?  How am I going to handle the day she gets married?  Who knows.  But I'd better be a little more prepared and have some tissues handy, just sayin'.

I've started writing the lyrics for a new song.  I tried to read them to my mom this morning, but couldn't get them out.  Now I know how she felt...

And as I walk her down the aisle
I'll try to keep it together and smile
I'll kiss her cheek as I look at her and say
Seems like I just dropped you off at preschool yesterday...

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