Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Power To The Panties!!!

I have a friend.  I have a friend I have never met, nor spoken to before, but still, I have a friend.  Her Name is Leontien.  My wife is actual friends with this gal and has been the one making actual contact with her as one of her bloggy pals over at Real Farmwives of America.
This new friend of mine recently found out that her battle with a cancer she had once beaten had come back.

I could go on about the fear we all have about cancer, but you already know the drill.  We get scared for our friend.  We cry for our friend.  We wish our friend well.  Yadda yadda yadda...

My wife and her friends went a wee step further.  They are pledging every day until Leontien beats cancer "Love For Leontien Day."  I am one of those friends jumping on board.  I will not only cheer her on and show my love and support for this brave, tough, awesome and beloved dairy chick.  I will also pray for her daily with every breath.  I know a God who is loving, kind and healing.  I believe that He will be there to beat this with Leontien.  I believe it with all my heart.

If you do the Facebook thingy, head over to the page dedicated to Leontien's fight.  Show your love and support for her like we do.

And if you follow blogs, check her's out.  It's cool like her!

Now, about the title of this post, "Power To The Panties"...  Leontien has a little ritual she does before heading to every test.  She dons her skull panties.  She does this to let cancer know she means business.  She's dressed for battle, and so are we.

I sent her a message the other day letting her know I was sporting my skull panties for her.  Just in case there is any doubt, I even made a video.  Enjoy...


  1. Wow...I think this one needs another label added to it..."disturbing video". Just sayin

  2. MY GOSH!!! i just fell out of my chair laughing!!!

    Thank you soo sooo much dear friend!!!


  3. It's just the beginning my friend. I'm not saying there will be anymore videos of me in my panties, but there will be plenty more support from me, Cris, and Miss Add!!!

  4. LOL! That is great! GOODe for you for going above & beyond to show your love & support. I love GOODe ole "farm" boys! :)

  5. LOVE it! I enjoy Leontien's blog...what a nice thing for you to do for her.

  6. well the video just might be The Cure. great job.

  7. lol!! oh my... this is AWESOME!!


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