Saturday, September 17, 2011

Aim High

This blog has usually dedicated itself to bragging on a certain kid, mine.  Although I could brag every day for the rest of my life on her, I'm going to brag on my brother's kid instead.

My brother, Doug, has a son named Casey.

  He's always been cool and always been an avid competitor and hunter. He's always been a good kid. He has always been driven to go into law enforcement ever since he was just a young'un.  As he got close to graduation he looked at the many possible avenues to get into law enforcement.  He knew there were two really good options, college and the military.  Now our family is not a military family.  Truth be told I couldn't name anyone that has been in any branch of our armed forces.  We have another brother who is a deputy in the United States Marshal Service as well as a sister-in-law who works for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, but other than that, not too many on my side of the gene pool who vowed to protect and serve.

That is why everyone just figured Casey would probably go to college, get a degree and then if he still wanted to follow his dream he would apply to a law enforcement agency.

Casey shocked just about everyone when he said he was joining the military, the Air Force to be precise.

Although his decision struck a little bit of fear in those who loved him being in the middle of today's climate of conflict, Casey was encouraged by most to pursue what he wished.

In following his dream, he had someone by his side to help him make that dream become a reality.

Shortly before he went away to boot camp he married the girl of his dreams, Brianna.   I have stood back and watched Brianna cheer him on every step of the way.  Though separated by over a thousand miles, she was there beside him through it all.  Every day was filled with Facebook posts of encouragement and love to him.  What a beautiful thing young love is.  It is encouraging to even those of us who have been married for some time.  Theirs is an example for everyone else to follow.    Not once did I see her post something like "I miss you, this sucks, just quit and come home."  Instead she sent him notes telling him she loves him and of her pride for what he was doing.  His replies back were how much he loves her.  Mushy? Yes.  Necessary?  Absolutely!  I think I'm just as proud of her as I am Casey.

I am proud of my young nephew.  We went for his dreams.  He got the girl, accomplished his first mission, and has a multitude of family and friends to celebrate his homecoming tonight.  Congratulations A1C Goode.  You aimed high and we are all mighty proud of you!!!


  1. The pride you feel watching a loved one make a life decision as Casey has done is hard to put into words but your pride for him is shing bright! Congrats Casey and Thank You for serving!

  2. Awesome! Thank you to all of you for your sacrafices to keep up free and safe.


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