Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sprint Effin' Rocks!!! (So do their Reps)

Long story short, I pressure washed my phone the other day.  I didn't mean to, but it happened.  I will never lie, therefore I honestly swear that it was an accident.  I say this because I have been nagging my wife to let me get a phone like hers...the HTC Evo 4G.  I would NEVER have done this on purpose, the timing here is COMPLETELY coincidental and I will swear this upon my deathbed.  (Just in case somebody from Sprint actually reads this...)

Anyhoo...I noticed that shortly after my phone took a bath that it wasn't working as intended.  When I would go to use the keyboard to text someone a simple message like, "Hi there", my phone would translate it into, "!@#%JASDU  MMM<<<ADJJWQERF KKU!!" I wondered, at first, if maybe I had accidentally hit the "CIA Code Encryption" key on my settings, but alas, I have no CIA clearance.  Thus I knew the problem was severe telephonic overhydration...or as I call it, I drownded my phone. (and  YES, I know "drownded" isn't a real word, but that's what I told my sales rep anyways)

So my rep, Krista, said I could either do the insurance claim on the phone or I could upgrade.  I knew what I wanted...the same super-phone that my wife got.  (NOTE: I truly want to say that I wanted my wife's phone because of it's awesome social networking capabilities and super fast processor...but I really liked it because she could download Angry Birds and I couldn't on my donkey of a phone)  But it was gonna cost me over $400 for the upgrade since I wasn't eligible yet to do so for a reduced rate.  Even though I don't mind spending a little money on myself from time to time, I couldn't justify spending that much cash on a phone.

Just then, Krista, or as I call her the Angel of Sprint Mercy, tells me that she would apply the upgrade to our AirRave device that allows us to get a cell phone signal way out here in the sticks.

All in all the phone costed me the same amount as would filing a claim against my old phone.  There are two pluses to this story:

1. I got what I wanted for less cost without throwing a huge redneck tantrum.
2 Sprint gets to keep my business for two more years.

Kudos to Sprint for employing folks like Krista who try to take care of their customers no matter how clumsy they really are, and Kudos to Krista for treating me great.  You are pure AwEsOmEsAuCe!!!

(I would like to tell you that I wrote this entire post using my new HTE Evo 4G....but I am still playing Angry Birds on it...and I just beat another level)

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