Monday, July 11, 2011

A Fishin' Story

I am proud to say I have celebrated just about every first with my daughter.  I was there when she first saw the light of day.  There was her first smile, first word, first step and even the first time she kicked me in the crotch whilst riding in a shopping cart.  Okay, maybe I didn't celebrate that one so much, but trust me, I was there for it.

Today I took Miss Add fishing.  When she was still in diapers I longed for the day I could take her out and watch her excitement as she reeled in Moby Dick on her little Nemo pole.  Today was that day.  

I look forward to many more firsts with her.  Her first day of school, first straight A report card, first car, first boyfriend...well, maybe not looking forward to that.  That boy might end up just like her first fish (and almost her pole today)...right in the lake...


  1. Nice! She got a "whopper" and you were there. It's awesome that you work hard to be there for the "firsts" as it'll mean as much to her as it does to you.
    Thanks for sharing it!


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