Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Tunage...Addie Edition

So I go to pick Add up from her visit with her Memaw and Papaw's today.  On the way home I turned on Pandora Radio (BEST. FREE. RADIO. EVER...) and tuned it to the VeggieTale station.

She kinda hummed some of the tunes and identified them to shows she has watched over and over.  Then, it happened.  A version of Rich Mullins' "Step By Step" came on.  Addie sang that song like she had wrote it.  I was mesmerized.

To listen to her sing that song with all her little heart was more than mine could take.  I drove the rest of the way home with tears in my eyes.   They were tears of pride, as well as a little sadness.  Here I am, a grown man, who says he is thankful for what he's been blessed with, but I don't say thanks enough.

I sing all the time, but hardly a praise song comes out of me unless I'm singin' in church.  And here is this little girl who has just recently learned to speak fluent English, and she can out sing her Daddy.

Today I learned a lesson about praise music.  You can put it to the most beautiful instrumental backgrounds in the world, sang by the world's greatest singer and it may not reach a soul.  But let it come out of the mouth of a child and the world can be changed.  I know mine was today...

Thank you Addie for touching my heart today, and thank you Lord for Addie.


  1. How adorable and inspirational. Our kids can teach us some of life's best lessons if we just listen with our hearts! Awesome message!

  2. Just what I needed to be reminded of tonight. Thank you for sharing! I love Miss Addie's free spirit and praise song.

  3. Love that girl! Miss her already! This was one of my favorite songs in youth group. Thanks for the reminder.


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