Monday, May 2, 2011

A Sign???

So I was at work last night when I got a craving for something sweet.  I strolled to the machine and found some Kellogg's Fruity Snacks.

I tore into those bad boys with a mission for a sugar high.

Then, I noticed something a little strange...

Something just didn't look right about one of the candies...

I found this in my bag of gummy candies...I kid you not...

Some folks see the image of the Virgin Mary in a tree trunk, others see the image of Christ in their burnt toast.  I was given the sign of a wiener in my Fruity Snacks...what does that mean???


  1. It means you finally got a sign from above that you started this blog for a reason. This kind of stuff needs to be shared across the internet.

  2. i don't know what that means, but it sure is funny!!!

    Thanks for sharing

  3. It's obvious! You are a wiener, and you act like a fruit all the time. Duh! ;)

  4. I'm still laughing out loud! So sorry it took me this long to join your party! I've heard such fun stories about you for almost a year now!

    BTW, I think you should have that gummy enshrined!

  5. Lana,

    Thanks for joining the party! I am just as nuts as my wife lets on. As for the gummy weiner...I still have it :)


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