Saturday, May 21, 2011

The New Guitar

That's right folks, I got the new Taylor!!!!  Well...truth be told, it's a used Taylor, but it's pretty darn new to me! I have been eyeballing this guitar for months now and had fully planned on buying it when we got back from our little family trip, but our house was broken into.  Nope, not burglars or nothin'...broken into by termites.  We actually think they were here before we moved in and we just happened to discover them by chance days before I was to spend a nice chunk of change on said guitar.

Luckily through shear strategery...(that's right Dubya, we won't forget), my wife found a way to pay for the termite extermination, reconstruction of our home, AND get said guitar!!!

Daddy's pleased, and so should you be.  I am fully functional in my recording now and will be sharing it with you in the weeks to come.  Cris over at GOODeness Gracious has already put me to work on soundtracks for her blog.  I guess you could say I'm for hire, as long as payment is in awesome meals and lotsa love.  (That's how we do business in our house)  ;P


  1. You sure do have an awesome wife! How did you manage to get her to marry you? ;)

  2. I hope you have all the guitar tabs chords to play with that guitar! Looks like you're having a blast already.


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