Monday, April 25, 2011

Musical Monday!!! American Idol Audition Edition :)

So our first trip to the Magic Kingdom was...well, okay at best.  We were able to see some pretty cool shows and of course, "The Castle", as Addie has been calling it for the past few months.  But with two sick gals, one hot day, and one uber-super crowded park, it really wasn't all that magical.  The evening ended with some pretty cool fireworks and a snazzy picture show with the castle...but it also ended with our little princess painting one of the cafeterias and the parking lot with what could best artisticly be described as food abstract...

So we left the Magic Kingdom hot, tired, sick and slightly disappointed...

We spent the next day at the beach resting and swimming.  Then we rose early Thursday morning ready to give Disney another chance.  And I am sure glad we did!  Hollywood Studios was our destination and it was a BLAST!!!

SO many shows to see and not as many crowds to wade through to see them.

Then after a quick bite to eat, I noticed a sign saying "American Idol Experience."

I thought it was one of those hokie karaoke things where you stand in a booth and sing a tune...I was happily mistaken.

It is a simulation of what folks go through to audition for American Idol.  Now I wasn't gonna tell them that I haven't watched the show since the third or so season...(Not a big Paula fan)....but that didn't stop me from trying it out!  I told my wife that I'd be back in about ten minutes...wrong again...

I stood in front of a real judge and sang my little heart out.  She said I was good enough to move on to the next round.  Then I went in front of another judge and sang "I Like It, I Love It" by Tim McGraw.  He said he liked what I did, then told me to look at the screen ahead of me.  There, on a big monitor was Ryan Seacrest who said, "Thanks for your audition.  We would like to be able to tell you that you're moving on to Hollywood, but unfortunately we can't say that here..."  My Disney American Idol hopes were dashed...
Then he said, "BUT we can tell you that you are going to be on the show!"  I was flabbergasted!  I got to perform on a model of the season 7 set of American Idol in front of 600+ people and three actual judges...minus drunk Paula...

They played a funny little video they had made of me auditioning and serenading people in the park, then it was my time to shine on the stage...Mickey hat on and all.  I really wish I had the video they made, but due to legal mumbo jumbo, we couldn't tape it, nor would they give us one of theirs.  Sucks, I know...I really wanted    that footage to embarrass Miss Add with later on in her teen years.

The judges all gave me kudos...even the one who was supposed to be like Simon!  I just KNEW I had won.

Then the last person got on stage and performed.  The judges were a little less happy with her performance to say the least.  The "Simon" dude was just plain mean to her.  He told her he wouldn't mind seeing her perform again as long as the volume was turned down.  That got the crowd in a tizzy.  It also got her more votes.

She won the competition, and I was glad.  In my opinion this little gal could sing rather well, and being up on a stage like that can be intimidating, even to the best of performers.

Although my hopes and dreams of  being the next American Idol were dashed, I still had a ball.  AND we got  2 fast passes for the "inconvenience" of taking so long with the auditions.  Instead of singing my lil' heart out on stage that night, me, Mommy, and Miss Add met Buzz Lightyear, rode the Toy Story ride and defeated Zurg...twice. I felt like a winner :)

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