Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Why I'll Never Take My Daughter to a Public Restroom Again...

So the other night we, the fam, went out to dinner. As always, right about the middle of our dining experience, Addie had to potty. It just happened to be my turn, which has not been a big deal until that particular night.

I toted my child into the men's room, as it should be since I would probably be arrested for going into the ladies room. (I did that once at Walmart, but that's for another time...)

When Add finished, I figured I should follow suit since the beer I had earlier with dinner started to kick in. As I was taking care of business my kid decided to take a let me just say as a parent, your child will have seen you naked at some point or another in their developing years so don't judge me. Up until this point it hasn't been an issue. She doesn't even have a name for her "lady parts" yet. She thinks everything down there is a "butt" and calls it that.

Oh yeah, and there was a dude in the bathroom at the same time...did I mention that?

Anyhoo...I'm using the potty and my kid yells "Daddy, what's that???"

The dude at the sink giggles...

"Daddy, is that YOUR butt???"

The dude giggles louder...

"Daddy, is that a little butt on your butt?"

The dude starts to laugh now...

"Daddy, that sure is a little butt"

Dude is now laughing hysterically...

Mommy will take her to the restroom from now on.

And for the record, the restaurant was cold, as was I...


  1. TMI and HILARIOUS all in has "Mikey Story" written all over it. hahahaha

  2. Reminds me of that part in the movie "Area 51" where the astronaut gets up off the table naked and one of the aliens says, "That's a funny place for your antenna" Love it! See ya needleboy!

  3. WOW!!! That made me laught so hard!

  4. Wow, so needed a good laugh and that was it!

  5. hahahahaha

    Thanks for making me smile this morning


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