Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Mom's Favorite Story

So my mother is a pretty good story teller, but there's just one story she can't seem to get through.  I'll hafta tell it to ya so's she doesn't have to.

It's about a mother, father and their 5 year-old little girl from the city who took a drive one day through the country.


They had never wandered out past the city limit signs before, but the parents wanted their little girl to experience what life in the country was like.

As they exited the city the little girl's eyes filled with wonder at all the trees and fields.

Her nose was pressed against the glass of her window as she saw all the farm animals grazing in their pastures.   She had never seen a cow, pig, or sheep in real life before...only in storybooks.

All of a sudden the father exclaimed "Look at that!"  And there was a cow in the middle of a field giving birth.  The family pulled off the road and sat as they watched one of nature's miracles in action.

The cow was standing up and seemed to be in trouble with her labor.  The family watched as they saw a hoof, then another hoof, then two legs came out from the laboring cow.  Then they saw what looked like a tail coming out.  The baby calf was coming out breech!  The family could hear the moans and moos as the mother pushed with all she had, noticeably in pain.  The father and mother stood hand in hand, praying for the cow to pull through.  The daughter just sat on the hood of the car in fearful amazement.

They sat there for an hour as they watched the baby calf slowly come out backwards.  Finally as the head came out, the calf fell to the ground.

The mother immediately turned around and cleaned off her new baby.    

The calf then stood up, all wobbly but determined to walk.  The mother lay down in obvious exhaustion from such an ordeal.

The father exclaimed "I think it's a miracle!"  "I think it's beautiful!" said the mother.  Then the father turned around and asked his daughter what she thought about what was witnessed.  "I think that calf must've been doin' every bit of 30 miles an hour when it plowed into the back of that cow!!!"

Mom couldn't never finish that story because she was laughin' so hard by the end of it.  She sure hopes you enjoyed it...and that's no bull!

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