Monday, January 31, 2011

The Snuggie...

So my Sis-in-law got me a pretty cool Superman snuggie for Christmas.  It is warm, cozy, and quite slimming if you ask me.  I believe I do the man of steel proud when I wear it, enjoy!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

In Memory of Officer David Moore...A True GOODe Ole Boy

Today I post this with a heavy heart.  Today we say goodbye to Officer David Moore of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.  Now, I didn't personally know Officer Moore, but I do know his kind.  My sister-in-law is an officer with IMPD.  My brother is a Deputy Marshal with the United States Marshal Service.  I have grown up around officers my whole life.  They are true heroes who live among us every day choosing to serve us instead of themselves.

It seems like here lately all we have heard about is bad news about our public servants.  Corruption, foolish decisions, and cover-ups make for big news.  This week we see another side of our law enforcement officers, the sacrifice.  Although we are saddened by his death, we have heard about his life, and his proud family.  His mother and father, both police officers, talked today about the pride and honor they feel knowing their son died serving the people.  Although they are devastated by such a loss, they are able to hold their heads up high.

Officer Moore had been with the force since 2004.  He was awarded the title "Rookie of the Year" and a recipient of the Medal of Valor.  He was also an organ donor.  He gave his life serving others, and in his death,  he will give life to others.  Someone will breathe the breath of a hero.  Someone will have the heartbeat of a hero.  

Thank you Officer Moore for your service and your sacrifice.  You are an example of a servant we should all remember, and try to emulate.  God speed on your new beat on the streets of Heaven.
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