Monday, November 1, 2010

Musical Monday!!!...Streetcorner Symphony by Rob Thomas

Alright, alright...I know what you're thinkin'..."Hey!  There's supposed to be some original content to this here Musical Monday thingy!"

I'm with ya Dawg...I just don't have any time right now to record.  GOODe news is that after this week I should be back in full bloggy swing and should be poppin' out more original content than Kate pops out babies.

SO...'til I can lay my fingers 'cross them strings and give you something to listen to, I'm gonna let my buddy Rob send you into the rest of this week with a little skip in your step.  I'll also reference an old post I did a few years back on Myspace, (I guess they still have that) about what this tune means to me.

October 3, 2006:

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have no desire to dance...except when I care to re-live the early 90's and do the running man for a laugh.  I am a true white boy with no physical rhythm.  I am no Justin Timberlake and I am far, far, far away from bringing sexy back. 

This is where my wife comes in to play...

The other night I come home from work around 10:30.  I'm grumpy, tired, not very sociable, and all I want is a beer, a TV, and some quiet time to wind down.  Cris beckons me into our living room with that little finger wave that usually means I'm in trouble again.  So into the living room I go, head down, and reliving the past 24 hours in my head to figure out what got me in trouble in the first place.  That's when she turns on the sound system and cranks up Rob Thomas' Streetcorner Symphony.   With a fun smile she grabs my hand and gets me to dance with her.

I was reluctant at first (remember the no rythm thing?) but after watching her swing and sway with laughter in her eyes I couldn't help but swing along.  Through the whole song we giggled and jiggled to the rockin' beat. 

We laughed and held each other close and then spun around like little kids.  We fell even deeper in love and enjoyed every minute of it.  She didn't make me dance, she made me WANT to dance.

On October 5, it will have been 10 years since we first got together as a couple.  We've grown up alot together since then.  We've been through very good and very bad times.  We went from two college kids with different paths in life to two very successful people with the same love and support each other no matter what.

I have been blessed with a woman who means more than life to me.  She is my best friend and my lover.  My heart still beats faster when I'm near her.  She makes me want to do great things.  She makes me want to laugh.  She makes me want to love.  She makes me want to dance!

...might I also add that just a few weeks after this post we found out that Cris was pregnant with Addie...great song!!!  :-)

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