Sunday, October 10, 2010

Use Your Listening Skills!!!

I love my wife, I believe I have made that plainly clear.  I support her in every way I can.

Alot of my support is verbal.  I encourage her successes and work with her through her failures.  (I'm the only perfect one in our relationship...didn't you know that???)  I love telling her how beautiful she is, especially when she doesn't feel the same way.  Sometimes she hears me, sometimes she doesn't.

A while back we were standing on the front porch and while she was talking, I wasn't effectively using my listening skills as I was observing how badly our yard needed mowing after a good bout of rain had fallen in the past few days.  She had made the comment that she needed to start getting back into shape.  I immediately said the first thing on my mind. "Your grass is really growing"...She heard, "Your a$$ is really growing..."

You can imagine the immediate look I received when she spun around.  Luckily her listening skills kicked in and she stopped her hand mere inches from my face...

We get so caught up in everyday life that sometimes we don't tune into one another.  We call it being on the same wavelength.  She's saying one thing, I'm thinking another.  She has a great idea...I reply "Uh huh..." without even knowing what she said.  I summarize the need to mow the yard and she thinks I'm making a rude comment about her butt...which I really do like by the way...

I know exactly how this guy feels...

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