Friday, September 10, 2010

My Lil' Girl...

So it's been about a week since I've been able to put up a post.  I've been busy doin' alot of book learnin' and stuff.  This GOODe Ole Boy likes to crack a beer or two every now and again, but knows it's also good to crack a book or two on occasion.

Since I'm doin' some schoolin' I'm probably not going to post every day like I want to, and hopefully like ya'll want me to as well.  But fear not followers of all things GOODe, I'm still gonna be around for a while! After I get through with all this academical stuff I'll be back in the saddle tossin' up random videos of this GOODe Ole Boy's life!  Today, it's all about Miss Add, my young'un...

 Bein' out of town has had me pretty bummed lately.  I get all kinds of homesick when I don't get to see my two favorite ladies...

Ya see, they mean the world to me, and all I wanna do is be around them all the time.  They're pretty special and stuff.  Since I've been away, the little'un, has been sayin' how much she misses her daddy.  So, today I get a call from her Mama sayin' she just had to come see me.  That made this GOODe Ole Boy pretty happy!  

Mama's drivin' Miss Addie over 500 miles just to give me a hug, a kiss, and a Ning-A-Ning...(ya'll might know that as eskimo kisses, but Miss Add has her own name for it :)  Mama knew just what this homesick feller needed this weekend.  I might just sneak a kiss or two from her as well!  *blush*

Thanks to modern technology, Skype has allowed me to talk to Miss Add every night.  My little webcam even has a feature where Santa can talk to her too!  That is a GOODe thing, but can have its disadvantages too.  On one hand, when Miss Add talks to Santa almost every night, she tends to behave ALOT better for Mama the next day or so.  But on the other hand, when she sees Daddy on the computer, she'd rather talk to Santa...  I guess that's okay though, as long as one of us can make her act like a lady :) 

I just love watching her grow up.  She's the strongest kid I know.  She can have a 235 lb. man wrapped around her little finger even!  It's been that way ever since I first heard her heartbeat while she was swimmin' 'round in her Mama's belly.  I can't wait to see her tonight!  Gonna be one of the best weekends ever!!!  I better go get ready...

'Til next time, here's a video I did for Miss Add's birthday.  Just a small peek into how I feel about that little girl!


  1. Awww. Your wife is something else. She even put up with some crazy soybean gals this week. I saw Miss Add today and she's just the cutest gal I've known in a long while. Enjoy the visit!

  2. I plan on soaking up EVERY minute of it!!!


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