Saturday, August 28, 2010


I've finally done it...gone off the deep end.  I am now officially a blogger.  My wife over at has urged, pushed, prodded, and even asked me to start my own blog.  I agreed, but under MY conditions.

Condition 1:  No "she-she-poo-poo" fact that's the last time you'll ever see me saying "she-she-poo-poo"...dang it, I said it again...This is a blog written, recorded, and/or produced by a redneck for rednecks, hillbillies, hicks, and whoever can appreciate their culture.

Condition 2:  She has a gal's blog, or "Mommy Blog" as she calls it, so I'm doing a guy's blog, or "Daddy Blog" if you will.  But don't shy away if you're not a daddy...or a guy for that matter.  You may just get a kick out of what this GOODe Ole Boy has to show and tell.

She cordially agreed to my conditions, but with a condition of her own...the content must be PG rated.  This is a condition I can live with.  I have a pair of little eyes (more on her in future posts) that watch every thing I do, as I'm sure a lot of you readers out there in the blogoshpere do too.  So I promise to keep the content clean, fun, and as entertaining as I can make it...with one condition...Send me your stuff too!!!

I'm not as talented, coordinated, smart or purdy as my wife is, so I don't think I can toss up a daily (or hourly) post quite yet like she can.  So feel free to send me your GOODe Ole content, but remember, keep it clean folks!  I'm paying my 3 year old minimum wage to screen the content!!!  If she gives it a "Fumbs Up" I may just toss it on here for the world to see!

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