Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another Classic Example...

In order to better acquaint ya'll with what the essence of GOODe Ole Boy really is, I have created this small, yet informative documentary with footage of a good ole boy seen in the wild...enjoy!

Monday, August 30, 2010

My Daddy...

So every once in a while this GOODe Ole Boy is gonna share with you a story about somebody in his life. Today's post is about my Daddy.

You see, he's a GOODe Ole Boy too. And up until recently he was a pretty stout, tough old feller who loved to have a ball. That was until about 6 months ago when he was cutting some brush out at the farm...

He had recently purchased some land and decided to clear out a few trees to make the pasture bigger. He went out on his own, chainsaw in hand, and went to level a long row of hedge apple trees. What he didn't know was, the reason they were in a row was because they used to be part of an old fence row many years before. As he was cutting into a tree, the chain hit a piece of old wire fence embedded deep in the tree. The chain literally exploded, sending shards of metal everywhere, including just above his Dad's right kneecap. He limped back to the house and took his pocketknife and dug out what he thought was just a small sliver of steel in his leg. Then he poured some peroxide on it, thinking it would be good as new. Now Daddy wasn't ever one to whine about a boo-boo or a scratch, and he had to be just about dead before he'd even let a doctor take a look at him. A month later he was there.

I got a call from Momma Goode one morning saying Daddy was sweating pretty bad and had a high fever for a couple days, but wouldn't go to the doctor. I drove out and pretty much drug him to the truck and then drove him to the hospital. That's when the doctor told us he had gangrene deep within the bone of his right leg. The doc said that in another day he'd be dead. The only way to save him was to take the leg. Momma Goode was devistated, as was Daddy at the news. Now for the bad part...

This all took place at a "teaching" hospital that will go unnamed for legal reasons. When they brought Daddy in, they put a mask on him to put him under, and as the doctor went to mark his leg for the amputation, he remembered the doc's cell phone ringing and said he had to take it, giving one of his "students" the pen and said "Mark his right leg, then roll him over and do the same." That's when Daddy went out...and the student rolled Daddy over and marked WHAT HE THOUGHT was Daddy's right leg...turns out old schoolboy didn't know his right from his Daddy found out when he woke up...

To make a long story short, after they finally took the RIGHT right leg, Daddy sued the hospital and everybody in it. Last month the trial ended and the judge looked at Daddy and rendered his verdict. He threw the case out of court immediately...


Now that you're thoroughly mad at me for such a sick joke, lemme tell you about my Daddy. Truth be told he loves to tell that joke and just like that there "schoolboy", Daddy has been known to pull a leg or two in his time, and would be proud of me for doing it to you.

Ya see, he's a GOODe Ole Boy just like me...just sayin'.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

GREAT Example!!!

Yesterday a buddy of mine asked what kind of content I was looking for consistent to  Today another buddy of mine over at  delivered.  Here's a pic of me and Nige' during high school shop class...

We went to prom in that car...with separate dates, of course...  That's me on the left.  I sure wish I could make it back to the days when I was that skinny!!!

Fun With Flatulence!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I've finally done it...gone off the deep end.  I am now officially a blogger.  My wife over at has urged, pushed, prodded, and even asked me to start my own blog.  I agreed, but under MY conditions.

Condition 1:  No "she-she-poo-poo" fact that's the last time you'll ever see me saying "she-she-poo-poo"...dang it, I said it again...This is a blog written, recorded, and/or produced by a redneck for rednecks, hillbillies, hicks, and whoever can appreciate their culture.

Condition 2:  She has a gal's blog, or "Mommy Blog" as she calls it, so I'm doing a guy's blog, or "Daddy Blog" if you will.  But don't shy away if you're not a daddy...or a guy for that matter.  You may just get a kick out of what this GOODe Ole Boy has to show and tell.

She cordially agreed to my conditions, but with a condition of her own...the content must be PG rated.  This is a condition I can live with.  I have a pair of little eyes (more on her in future posts) that watch every thing I do, as I'm sure a lot of you readers out there in the blogoshpere do too.  So I promise to keep the content clean, fun, and as entertaining as I can make it...with one condition...Send me your stuff too!!!

I'm not as talented, coordinated, smart or purdy as my wife is, so I don't think I can toss up a daily (or hourly) post quite yet like she can.  So feel free to send me your GOODe Ole content, but remember, keep it clean folks!  I'm paying my 3 year old minimum wage to screen the content!!!  If she gives it a "Fumbs Up" I may just toss it on here for the world to see!
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